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2010 2011 
I was working on this book for a period of time ,so I'm pleased to present my first personal digital art book ,in this book you can find a big collection of my art works which I have done in 2010 & 2011, it's a variety collection of artworks in several kinds like  illustrations , concept art , character design , portraits .. etc .

Most of these artworks are digital paintings, and there are also some of my past 3D
artworks , I've created this book to be as a reference document for me and others to find easily the works that I have done at that time , I think its very important to me at least ,and I hope that will be useful and interesting for others .

There is Also  a making of " Abigail Breslin " at the end of this book , this making does not exist anywhere before.

This book available free , and you cane read it online via the app below .

I hope you will find it interesting and useful , and I hope that shall be the beginning to another art books which will be more advanced .

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